Why It Is Important to Check if Employees Are Fit for Duty

Productivity comes with the efficiency of an employee, and this level of efficiency goes side by side your employee’s health. This, among many other reasons, is why you need to see if a person is fit for duty before you put them on the job. If it turns out that a worker is not fit to work, you are not only putting the employee at risk but you are putting your company in a tough position as well.

Employee health assessment is one way to implement work related injury early intervention. It helps to check if your workers are fit and healthy enough to perform their jobs efficiently.

Here are some more reasons why you need to check on your worker’s health before putting them on duty as well as when they are on the job.

Company Liability

Once a person starts working for you, they become your liability. This means that any injury or accident that happens to them while at work you will be liable for. You have to compensate them with their regular wage even if they are taking a leave from work due to their current illness or injury. On top of that, you are obliged to pay for any medical expense should they encounter any work-related injury.

Aside from that, you have to ensure that you prioritise the health and safety of your workforce. For example, if you suspect that a worker has been exposed to asbestos or other harmful toxins, let them seek immediate medical attention. You should also have them undergo a health assessment before letting them return to work to ensure they are fit for duty. See more at Resile

Lower Productivity

As mentioned, unfit workers have lower productivity. Being unfit is not limited to just their physical capacity but includes their mental capacity as well. These individuals won’t be able to process information, produce profitable work, and put out enough of the effort you need to keep the workflow going smoothly.

Contact occupational physicians who specialise in workplace health and safety such as those from Resile to have your worker’s health examined. You can also contact telemedicine providers to get an instant assessment of your employee’s condition.

Creates Unsafe Environment

A sick employee also creates an unsafe workplace for the other workers. For example, an employee who is sick can put others at risk of catching whatever illness he may be carrying. Sick workers should be allowed to rest and fully recuperate before returning to work.

As an employer, it is also your role to know about the health condition of the people working for you and to take care of them when they experience medical problems due to their jobs. You can require a pre-employment health checkup and annual medical examination to have a regular assessment of everyone’s health condition.

It pays to remember that what you need in order to keep a productive workforce are people who are fit for duty, not just at the start of their employment but on a daily basis as well. For more details, visit us at: https://resile.com.au/fit-for-duty/