Choosing the Right Fixtures to Create Your Dream Bathroom

There was a time wherein white was the only option available for bathroom fixtures. But times have changed tremendously over the past decade or so – it is now possible to shop fixtures and accessories in a wide range of color options. From shower curtains, to toilet seats, to toilet sinks and faucets, homeowners are now able to infuse their personal style and touches to the bathroom décor.
If you are looking to build your dream bathroom with the help of fixtures and accessories from Tuck Plumbing Fixtures, it is important to explore. But while exploration is highly encouraged by experts, you need to know how to edit yourself. It is easy to lose control when you are trying to be creative, but it is important to learn if certain elements go together as well.
To make the most of the bathroom fixtures you have invested in, here are some guidelines to follow when creating your dream bathroom:
• Know your colors. It is important to master the colors and names when shopping for bathroom fixtures. This will make it easier for you to identify which fixtures you need and their corresponding colors as you go through a large range of bathroom supplies. If you do not like to use completely white fixtures, opt for not-quite-white shades such as blush, ivory, off white, cream and champagne. On the other end of the spectrum, you can go for bold colors like tangerine, cobalt, mint, chocolate, and amber. The colors on the second group are definitely going to make a bold style statement but you have to be careful to avoid it being overdone. Tuck Plumb Tec
• Test your color quotient. As mentioned above, you will find a lot of color options nowadays when it comes to shopping for bathroom fixtures. Your personal style preference will dictate if a bold or neutral color is what is best for your bathroom. If you have no idea how to work with colors, you can hire a professional interior designer or draw inspiration online or from home décor magazines.
• Think of a theme. If you are afraid to play with colors or not sure how to work with it, think of a theme. Are you going for a Moroccan inspired bathroom décor? Is it Oriental, perhaps? Would you like to have a Mexican vibe to your bathroom? The theme you choose will determine the color palette that you will be using on your bathroom and the complementary colors to go with it. When you choose a theme though, you have to invest in the right Tuck Plumbtec bathroom supplies for consistency.
• Details matter. Too often, homeowners are so consumed by the colors and the theme that they overlook the smaller details. When you focus too much on the big picture, it deprives you of the opportunity to see the details. And details count when it comes to designing your dream bathroom.
It takes a whole lot of effort, time and money into building your dream bathroom. But with a little creativity and the right supplies, you can turn your dream into a reality.

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