The Benefits of Raising Chickens: Setting Up the Chicken Wire Coop

Have you ever been to a farm before? Why do you think are chickens some of the most common residents on a farm? There are more benefits to raising chickens on your one backyard than one might think. It is quite simple to see why the tendency of taking care of backyard chickens has been getting higher for the silent majority over the past years. This is mainly because all you ever need to do is get some live chickens and set up a chicken coop with some chicken wire and you’re all set. But there is more to starting a poultry farm than what most people think.


Listed below are some significant reasons why keeping your own backyard chickens are worth it:

1. A healthy breakfast mostly involves eggs. By keeping chickens in your own backyard, you’ll have a fresh supply of eggs for your family’s consumption.

2. Did you know that the chickens caged by chicken wire at commercial poultry farms are fed with GMO crops? By raising your own chickens, you’re aware of what you and your family are eating is organic and safe from harm.

3. Aside from being GMO-free, the nutritional value of the eggs you own chickens hatch are greater compared to commercial ones.

4. If you’re a supporter of cruelty-free products, then raising chickens are a good way to get your own food without supporting business farmed chickens.

5. By adopting ex-battery farm hens and raising them in your own backyard, you’re giving them a second chance at life without cruelty. In return, they provide fresh eggs and great pets for you and your family to enjoy.

6. If you have a garden, you can use the chicken manure as a high nutrient level fertilizer.

7. Also, chickens are known to eat pests that ruin your garden’s plants like slugs, ticks, grasshoppers, and beetles. This means you have earned a non-chemical pest control tool. Trade Warehouse

8. The food waste or table scraps can also be fed to your backyard chickens as to cut on your food waste.

9. Did you know that aside from dogs and cats, chickens have been seen as efficient therapy pets, too? Keeping chickens can be therapeutic for the elderly and children.

Starting your Own Chicken Coop: Tips on Building with Chicken Wire

If you’re planning on raising chickens, one of the most important equipment you need to have is chicken wire. A fence built with chicken wire can help keep out your chickens from parts of the garden or home that you don’t want them to be roaming around in. Chicken wire can be difficult to manipulate and stretch when working alone. Here are some tips to help you build a sturdier chicken wire fence:

· Gauge your ability to handle the rolls of wire by checking if you can enlist some help. Buying large rolls of wire is often cheaper, but if you don’t have a helper to get things going for you, it will most likely waste your time.

· Set the posts where you will attach the wire onto before anything else.

· Have one person handle the rolls of wire with you for easier manipulation.

· To stretch out the wire and mold it to the shape you want, you can have people walk all over it.

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