The Many Advantages of Glass Pool Fencing That You Ought To Know About

There are many ways to fence your swimming pool, and each design has its own strengths. This includes glass fencing, timber fencing, and metal fencing. In this article, explore the advantages of Frameless, Semi-frameless Pool Fencing Gold Coast has today. Discover what glass pool fencing has to offer and why you may want to opt for it instead of the other alternatives in the market.

1. Glass offers a unique design

One of the first things you should realize about glass pool fencing is that it is strikingly unique from other pool fencing options. Featuring clear shiny glass panes, this modern pool fencing technology is rapidly gaining popularity among homeowners for one simple reason – it makes your home and pool stand out. Considering that not many homes have glass pool fencing, getting these fencing options gives your home the ‘wow’ factor and easily makes you the envy of your friends and neighbours.

2. Its transparency makes it safer for monitoring pool use

Although a pool fence is meant to keep unwanted people out, a good pool fence should also allow you to see and monitor what is going on in and around the pool  Glass is transparent and allows you to see through it with ease and clarity as compared to metal bars or timber. In that regard, frameless, semi-frameless Pool Fencing Gold Coast has now is safer for your family, especially if you have young kids who need to be monitored while in the pool.

3. Glass pool fencing is easy to maintain

Maintenance is an important factor to consider when choosing a fencing option, even one that is to be used around your pool. You want a fencing option that does not give you too much work, especially if you do not have lots of time to spare for cleaning. Glass, just like your window glazing or kitchen splashbacks, is easy to clean. It does not stain or rust like metal and neither does it rot like timber does. You simply need to wipe the planes clean using a cloth and that’s it!

4. It keeps dust and dirt out of the pool

Unlike other pool fencing options that feature large gaps in between them, glass fencing features glass panes that obstruct dust, dirt, debris, and trash from getting to your pool and making your water dirty. This not only keeps your pool water clean and healthy, it also reduces your pool cleaning work as well.

5. Glass shields the pool area from strong winds

A little breeze around the pool area is okay to keep you cool on hot humid days. However, strong winds are unwelcome as they tend to make the air chilly and uncomfortable. If you live in an area where strong winds are rampant, you should seek frameless, semi-frameless pool fencing Gold Coast has. Glass pool fencing will obstruct the heavy winds and make your pool area more comfortable to relax in. It’s a great perk to have especially when you consider that other pool fencing designs cannot offer the same.

If you do decide to go with glass, talk to your fencing contractor and sample the many frameless and semi-frameless designs that there are.

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